Aaron Lamont – Writer

Aaron Lamont is a London-based writer from Northern Ireland.

He graduated from Royal Holloway in 2006, and has since built a career in theatre and audio drama. His first play Safer was staged at the Tristan Bates Theatre by Trifle Productions in 2011.

Since then, he has primarily worked in audio drama for Big Finish, regularly contributing to the award-winning range of Dark Shadows audio dramas with producers Joseph Lidster and David Darlington. He is currently co-writing the next 13-part serial, Dark Shadows – Bloodline.

Aaron has gained a reputation for delivering particularly dark scripts, laced with a macabre sense of humour. He loves writing thrillers, science fiction and psychological horror, and enjoys working on continuing drama series.

He is always on the look-out for other projects – particularly in radio and TV.